First Week Out

Ryan, a Son, and Christopher Houghton (director) at the cast and crew screening

Sons & Mothers has just left the edit suite and has already had a big week out.

Last Saturday on the 20th October we staged a private screening for the cast and crew. Seeing our film with the most important audience it will ever have is both exciting and tense. Needless to say we did have our nervous moments.

After all these months locked away in the edit suite it was amazing to see the film with its first real audience. The response was overwhelming; tears, cheers and laughter. Nothing beats seeing the film on a big screen.

Louise Pascale (producer) talks at Kumuwuki

Exactly one week later, Pop took the stage at Kumuwuki with PJ Rose from No Strings Attached and Alirio Zavarce, the theatre show’s director. Collectively, we presented Sons & Mothers as a stage show, documentary and discussed plans for the App.

We offered a sneak peek of the film and what to expect through the App; a comprehensive package of extras including behind the scenes footage, quizzes, social engagement and educational material.

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