SONS & Mothers hits the UK in 2017

2017 has started in full force for SONS & Mothers as it commences the first of a series of screenings in the United Kingdom.

With thanks to Carousel who run the Oska Bright Film Festival we will be trickling across the country with our first stop in Brighton.

“Carousel helps learning disabled artists develop and manage their creative lives, true to their voice and vision, challenging expectations of what great art is and who can create it.”

Their Oska Bright Film Festival is testimony to that. In 2015 we were so proud to open their film festival. It was not long after that we were approached for a national tour.

“We were so proud to be a part of the uniquely powerful Oska Bright Film Festival in 2015,” said Director Christopher Houghton.

“We’re even more proud that they are supporting a series of screenings through 2017 that will see the travel to audiences across the UK.”

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SONS & mothers reaches the UK


Multi- Award winning Documentary Sons and Mothers premieres in the UK at the Oskar Bright Film Festival in November 2015.

After it’s humble beginning at the Adelaide Film Festival in 2013 Sons and Mothers has gone on to win Best Documentary at Australia’s Antenna Documentary Feestival, Best Arts Documentary at the ATOM Awards. The Australian Academy of Cinema and Telvesion Arts awarded the film Cinemtagraphy and Best Sound and also nominated Christopher Houghton for Best Director and David Banburry and Elendil Archer for best editing.

“The film has warmed audience’s hearts and we’re very proud of what the film has achieved,” said Hougthon.

“It’s amazing to believe we have gone on to screen theatrically around the Australia, India, Switzerland, South Korea and now the UK.”

“We’re excited for it to be screening in the UK with such a prestigious and wonderful festival,” adds producer Louise Pascale.

“I met the team behind Oska Bright when they visited Adelaide and they blew me away. For them to enjoy and include our film is a wonderful honour.”

Know anyone in the UK?

Please send them this link to the Oska Bright Film Festival screenings.

The film will screen in two venues simultaneously, in Brighton at the Dome and in Cardiff at Chapter.


SONS & mothers screens at The Other Film Festival

The Other Film Festival

Following on from our win at Antenna Documentary Film Festival and the ATOM Awards SONS & mothers will screen at The Other Film Festival in Melbourne.

“We are so proud to be a part of a festival which celebrates the lived experience of people with a disability,” says Director Christopher Houghton.

“Our film aims to put our audience up close and personal with actors with a disability, so we feel right at home in the program.”

The Other Film Festival showcases the very best of new cinema about the lived experience of disability from around the world. Films are screened “in the most accessible way possible, delivering global best practice in meeting the access requirements of all patrons.”

This means it is another opportunity for us to screen the film with captions and audio description.

“I love being in an audience which is experiencing the film in such an accessible way,” says Houghton. “It brings home to me how cinema should be an experience for all audiences and not just some.”

Director Christopher Houghton will be attending the screening with a Q&A.

Click here to see screening details.

SONS & mothers screens on the ABC this October


The screening date for the SONS & mothers broadcast on the ABC has been locked in.

Sunday 19th October at 10:15pm, in the Sunday Arts Up Late Docs timeslot we’ll premiere on Australian tv.

Our billing reads With a strict ‘no women allowed’ policy, the members of a men’s ensemble devise a theatre show that reveals a warts and all relationship each has with their mother.”

“I’m so pleased the ABC took this film and supported us to show it in its full length to the rest of Australia,” says Director Christopher Houghton. “It really respects the work of the artists.”

SONS & mothers will be introduced by Wesley EnochAustralian playwright and artistic director. 

The broadcast on the 19th coincides with two screenings in Sydney. On the same day we will also be screening in competition at the Antenna Documentary Film Festival and as part of the Walkleys Longlist at the New South Wales State Library.

SONS & mothers hits the highway!

highway pic

For all those who have been asking where can I see SONS & mothers? We are pleased to say we finally have an answer.

SONS & mothers the stage show and documentary are hitting the highway in 2014. From August to October you can catch the Men’s Ensemble of No Strings Attached on stage and on the big screen as Performing Lines takes it on a regional tour of Australia.

“It was great to hear that audiences around Australia will be seeing this amazing and heartfelt play,” says Producer Louise Pascale. “And to be able to see the documentary too is a great bonus for audiences. They get to not only see the show, but how it came together.”

In the documentary audiences are also able to meet the member of the Men’s Ensemble who did not make it to the stage, and find out why.

The Regional Tour will kick off at the Darwin Festival in August and go to Mandurah, Perth, Kalgoorlie, The Gold Coast, Queanbeyan, Wagga Wagga, Wangaratta, Orange, Bathurst, Hobart, Bendigo, Portland before winding up in Renmark and Port Pirie.

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The Victorian Premiere!

HRAFF_e-letter_Film_Sons & Mothers

Educating Change

When we read that Australians living with a disability were most likely to live in poverty than any other OECD country we were appalled. How could a country so rich allow this to happen to its own?

Thankfully that report ignited change and today we have Disability Care. But providing care is one thing, changing how we view disability is another. When we set out to make SONS & mothers we were committed to changing people’s perceptions. When we watch the film we think we have done that.

This month we are launching SONS & mothers at the Adelaide Film Festival and we will soon find out how close we have come.

When you have entrenched views about something it can be hard to change that. Especially when you are older and it is a view you have held for most of your life. But the younger you are the easier it is. That’s why we are passionate about educating young people about the work of the Men’s Ensemble and SONS & mothers.

During our three week season at the Trak cinema we are  offering a special ‘schools season’. This gives schools the opportunity to see the film just after having experienced the stage show.

Coupled with this is our newly launched Study Guide created by ATOM. This gives teachers and students the chance to look at the work in a holistic way, from inception to the end piece.

Our study guide explores the creative process as well as views on disability.

You can find out more about our screenings here.

Sons & Mothers on Local Release

Kym waving

To coincide with the re-staging of Sons & Mothers the stage show at The Adelaide Festival Centre, our documentary will be shown at local art house cinema The Trak for three weeks in October to November.

From Monday 21 October you can catch daily screenings of Sons & Mothers the documentary. This is a unique opportunity for Adelaide audiences as they get to go behind the scenes are see what went on to create this award winning show.

The Trak Cinemas will also be screening Sons & Mothers daily from Monday 28 October to Friday 1November at 10:30am in a special schools season. Students are $9.50 with teachers and carers free.

For bookings please call The Trak on (08) 8332 8020.

You can also download the study guide at from Monday 23 September.

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First Week Out

Ryan, a Son, and Christopher Houghton (director) at the cast and crew screening

Sons & Mothers has just left the edit suite and has already had a big week out.

Last Saturday on the 20th October we staged a private screening for the cast and crew. Seeing our film with the most important audience it will ever have is both exciting and tense. Needless to say we did have our nervous moments.

After all these months locked away in the edit suite it was amazing to see the film with its first real audience. The response was overwhelming; tears, cheers and laughter. Nothing beats seeing the film on a big screen.

Louise Pascale (producer) talks at Kumuwuki

Exactly one week later, Pop took the stage at Kumuwuki with PJ Rose from No Strings Attached and Alirio Zavarce, the theatre show’s director. Collectively, we presented Sons & Mothers as a stage show, documentary and discussed plans for the App.

We offered a sneak peek of the film and what to expect through the App; a comprehensive package of extras including behind the scenes footage, quizzes, social engagement and educational material.