The Mothers

Lesbian, separatist, feminist is how Abner describes his mother Helen. Unconventional in her approach to life Helen is full of surprises.


When Damien was born she was told to prepare for his death, something she would never do. She did not give up on her son then and never will. June has devoted her life to Damien living a full one.

When Ben was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Jill took it in her stride and tried to give him a normal life like her other children. However she soon found out the problem was not with Ben but with the rest of society.

Rosemary acknowledges her son Duncan is complex, but she also knows a mother’s love is unconditional. Always present and supportive, Rosemary has made sure Duncan gets the same treatment as everyone else.

Sharn will be the first one to tell you that her and Ryan don’t always see eye to eye – especially when it comes to music. While Ryan has ambitions to be a ‘rock god’ she will always make sure he is well groomed.

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