The Sons


Abner has a history of mental illness from his teenage years. These days he has it under control – most of the time. He is a virtuoso on the violin, piano, trumpet and a host of other instruments. He has a complex relationship with his mother and she often regards him affectionately as the mad genius of the family.

Ben has been with No Strings Attached theatre company since 1999 and re-joined the Men’s Ensemble in 2004. He’s full of questions and loves playing up to audiences. Ben is self assured, independent and finds the concept of living away from his mother, Jill, too foreign to entertain.

Damien was born one chromosome short. Doctors left him for dead and advised his mother to do the same. She stayed by his side and prayed for 4 years until they finally let her take him home, all the while advising her Damien would never walk or talk. He made his first cognitive act at age 7, learnt to walk, and 21 years later he’s a main stay of the Men’s Ensemble. They still pray together every night.

Duncan is one of the longest serving members of the Men’s Ensemble and brings to it a dark sense of humour. Through his work he has explored his mental illness in multiple incarnations. Sons & Mothers offers him the opportunity to examine his darker side.

Kym’s mother died 16 years ago from a terminal illness and today he struggles with remembering her. As a person with a long-term disability Kym lives up to potential more than anyone. He lives in a small apartment with his two brothers, one of whom also lives with a disability. He’s been with the Men’s Ensemble since 1999 and is a life long theatre enthusiast. Deep focus and ever-present joy defines his work on the stage.

Ricky is a Torres Strait Islander born in Adelaide. At 33, he began to explore his connection with his culture and country (Western Torres Strait Badu mob). His mother Rosie died 12 years ago and Ricky has used his work in the Men’s Ensemble to explore connections to place and loss. He still talks to Rosie through spirit and remains the epitome of human grace.

Ryan loves to play guitar, loves punk music and horror movies. He’s often cheeky but, at almost seven feet tall with a dead man’s stare, it can be hard to tell if Ryan’s joking or not. Despite having grown up with a learning disability he has been an active member of the theatre since his youth.

Alirio is the Men’s Ensemble dramaturge and friend. As an actor he takes risks, is exciting to watch and isn’t afraid to bear himself to an unsuspecting audience. This is exactly what he encourages the Men’s Ensemble to do and collectively they embrace the danger and irreverence. It was the death of Alirio’s own mother, and the compassion the ensemble showed for his loss that motivates this theatre production.

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