SONS & Mothers hits the UK in 2017

2017 has started in full force for SONS & Mothers as it commences the first of a series of screenings in the United Kingdom.

With thanks to Carousel who run the Oska Bright Film Festival we will be trickling across the country with our first stop in Brighton.

“Carousel helps learning disabled artists develop and manage their creative lives, true to their voice and vision, challenging expectations of what great art is and who can create it.”

Their Oska Bright Film Festival is testimony to that. In 2015 we were so proud to open their film festival. It was not long after that we were approached for a national tour.

“We were so proud to be a part of the uniquely powerful Oska Bright Film Festival in 2015,” said Director Christopher Houghton.

“We’re even more proud that they are supporting a series of screenings through 2017 that will see the travel to audiences across the UK.”

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SONS & mothers reaches the UK


Multi- Award winning Documentary Sons and Mothers premieres in the UK at the Oskar Bright Film Festival in November 2015.

After it’s humble beginning at the Adelaide Film Festival in 2013 Sons and Mothers has gone on to win Best Documentary at Australia’s Antenna Documentary Feestival, Best Arts Documentary at the ATOM Awards. The Australian Academy of Cinema and Telvesion Arts awarded the film Cinemtagraphy and Best Sound and also nominated Christopher Houghton for Best Director and David Banburry and Elendil Archer for best editing.

“The film has warmed audience’s hearts and we’re very proud of what the film has achieved,” said Hougthon.

“It’s amazing to believe we have gone on to screen theatrically around the Australia, India, Switzerland, South Korea and now the UK.”

“We’re excited for it to be screening in the UK with such a prestigious and wonderful festival,” adds producer Louise Pascale.

“I met the team behind Oska Bright when they visited Adelaide and they blew me away. For them to enjoy and include our film is a wonderful honour.”

Know anyone in the UK?

Please send them this link to the Oska Bright Film Festival screenings.

The film will screen in two venues simultaneously, in Brighton at the Dome and in Cardiff at Chapter.